. Using technology for a long time- People nowadays spend most of their times on technology and forget to do other important things, for eg: People who are mostly aged 10-25 spend most of their time playing video games which is a waste of time and they don’t get to focus on Education nor jobs ( For who are studying and have part time jobs)

 Job loss- Technology has replaced mostly what was or is being done by humans, These days unemployment has increased massively because robots and electronic machines are doing most of the jobs

Posting unwanted content online- People these days post unwanted contents online, mostly on social media sites, People have to post what they will have to say to someone on their face to face


Easy access to information- It has become so easy access information online these days, anyone can access anything from anywhere, before it was kept easy only to copy information online just with a laptop, but these days anyone can access and copy information with different device

Improved Communication- These days communication has improved massively and people can talk to other people freely with better understanding than before which is actually better


Both negative and Positive- Ramey, K. (2012). Modern Technology Advantages And Disadvantages – Use of Technology. [online] Use of Technology. Available at: [Accessed 20 Apr. 2016].


5 Reasons You Should Be Teaching Digital Citizenship



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